A function that rounds positive numbers up when the last digit is a 5. For negative numbers ending in 5, the function actually rounds down. "Round away from zero" is the most accurate description of this function.

roundup(x, digits = 0)



A vector of values to round. Also accepts a data frame. In the case of a data frame, the function will round all numeric columns.


A number of decimal places to round to. Default is zero.


The rounded data vector.


# Round to even
round(2.4)   # 2
round(2.5)   # 2
round(-2.5)  # -2
round(2.6)   # 3

# Round up
roundup(2.4)  # 2
roundup(2.5)  # 3
roundup(-2.5) # -3
roundup(2.6)  # 3