common 1.0.6 Unreleased

  • Allow roundup() to accept a data.frame and round all numeric columns.

common 1.0.5 2022-09-29

  • CRAN fixes.

common 1.0.4 2022-09-18

  • Added spaces() function to create a string of blank spaces.
  • Added symbol() function to get UTF-8 symbols.
  • Fixed copy.attributes() so it won’t break factors.
  • Added names to v() function output values.

common 1.0.3 2022-08-18

  • Added file.find() function to look for files on the file system.
  • Added dir.find() function to look for directories on the file system.
  • Added find.names() function to look for variable names on a data frame.
  • Added copy.attributes() function to copy column attributes from one data frame to another.
  • Added supsc() and subsc() functions to get UTF-8 superscript and subscript codes from normal characters.
  • Fixed bug on v() function when first item had more than one part.
  • Fixed bug on that was causing it to lose column attributes.
  • Restructured test and code files.
  • Improved documentation.

common 1.0.1 2022-07-18

  • Published to CRAN.

common 0.0.9001 Unreleased

  • Add news.
  • Add readme.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Build pkgdown site.

common 0.0.9000 Unreleased

  • Initial version with following functions:
  • Adds, views and removes labels on a data frame.
  • Sorts a data frame.
  • %p%: An infix operator for the paste0() function.
  • %eq%: An infix operator to determine equality between two objects.
  • roundup(): A function that rounds 5 away from zero.
  • Sys.path(): A function to get the path of the currently executing program.
  • v(): A quoting function for non-standard evaluation.